As a healthcare provider, you deal with Protected Health Information on a daily basis. It is your duty to ensure the privacy of this data as it flows in and out of your organization, as well as have a mechanism in place for the fast retrieval of documents as needed. Coupled with the State and Federal Document Retention policies, this leaves you with an ever expanding database of information that will continue to increase in cost. Let’s solve your storage problems with AWS Simple Storage Service (S3)!

Lifecycle Management for Cost Reduction

When architecting your Lifecycle Management plan, it should be done with a few things in mind:


If your company is going to be trusted with PHI, you need to first ensure you have the infrastructure in place to retain that information even during a major catastrophe. By utilizing Amazon Web Services’s S3, you can maintain Industry Leading durability during each cycle of the documents life. AWS provides 99.999999999% Durability of Stored Objects in S3. Yes, that is 9 9’s.


What good are documents if you cant access them? Specifically, in the healthcare industry, you may be called upon to provide Documents at a moments notice, or Audited without warning. To remain complaint with most Requests for Records, you should have a system in place that would allow you to retrieve a stored document within 3-5 hours. By leveraging the various life cycle options in S3, you can ensure this kind of availability, while reducing the cost associated with the Standard S3 Storage.

Once a document reaches the end of it’s immediate access Life Cycle (depending on your internal policies and federal compliance), you should move it to a more ‘Cold Storage’. AWS ‘S3 – Glacier’ is the perfect option for this kind of situation. The cost of Glacier Storage is significantly less than leaving all documents in Standard Access, while still allowing you to retrieve a document from Cold Storage in a fast manner.

Cost Reduction

By architecting your Data Retention Policy around Durability, Accessibility and Privacy, you will be protecting yourself from both Compliance related Fines and the upfront cost of storage. With AWS S3, you have an all in one solution that allows you to free up Physical Space by storing PHI Documents in a Low Cost, HIPAA Compliant Cloud Infrastructure.

How to Get Started

If you have an AWS Account already, simply by signing a Business Associate Addendum (AWS BAA), services covered by the AWS BAA can be used to store, process, and transmit Protected Health Information under HIPAA. You should talk to your Organizations IT Department about moving towards Cloud Based Storage if you think these kinds of savings would be beneficial to you.

Are you a Small Business or Non-Profit that doesn’t have an IT Department with enough Time or Resources to tackle a project like this? Contact us at Dunwich Technologies for a free LifeCycle Management Consultation. Our AWS Certified staff have one foot in the Healthcare Industry so that we can provide you with pinpointed solutions, not a One Size Fits all plan that will leave you spending more than you need.